About Wimbledon Village Montessori

Wimbledon Village Montessori’s Exceptional Leadership

Naseem Patel


The Headmistress Naseem Patel has 15 years teaching experience in Montessori methods in England, and India. Mrs Patel has an AMI Montessori teaching certificate from Association Montessori International in Amsterdam with a Bachelor of Arts, post graduate degree in Business Management and an Early Years Post Graduate Practitioner and Leadership qualification, the EYPS from Kingston University. The Headmistress has put strategies in practice to further enhance mentoring for other staff members. This has enabled her to become motivational, inspirational and trustworthy in the everyday practice of teaching and leading staff. Due to this the children continue to be happy and thrive in the environment.

Staff ethos

Our staff working with children has a friendly, child centred approach and offers learning opportunities with creativity. The staff work as a team, supervised by a manager and are given continuous support. All staff put forward new ideas for the environment, equipment and activities for children.

Staff continuously attends professional development trainings (CPD) and completes regular appraisals with the Headmistress & manager. There is constant discussion between staff and an open-door policy for parents and staff.

Risk and Care Policy

Our policy planning is geared to exceed staff to child government ratios, and they are always adhered to. We practice ongoing risk assessments to ensure the nursery remains in ratio.

Staff follows a duty rota which ensures all children are cared for and overseen throughout the day.

Children enjoy mid-morning healthy snacks/ organic milk as a drink and packed lunches from home in the setting. Staff provides help to make the children independent in feeding themselves and eats with the children during lunch hours to maintain a social and communicative environment, also keeping a record of children likes and dislikes.

Children’s Emotional, Mental Physical Well-Being is our First Priority:

The nursery has a detailed settling in policy to reassure both children and parents. This policy is flexible and settling in can be extended to meet the needs of the individual child. Children’s needs are considered in planning for development issues such as potty training, a new sibling, moving etc.

Every child is assigned a key worker who helps the child settle in and is the child’s link to the environment. Children are presented with Montessori materials relating to their interests and stage of development. Staff are encouraged to work with all children in the setting. We value the key person and key child’s relationship, as this enables the child to feel happy and safe, and to ask for help if needed.

The children wash their hands and serve their own snack. There is a set snack time scheduled.

A physical activity is planned during the day so that children can join in physical games either inside or outside the environment, with regular walk to local parks.